What should we do with David Wright (Mets)?

David Wright ought to be the Met’s great, feared, clutch power hitter, but he isn’t. He’s a streak hitter with occasional, awful slumps, so maybe there’s nothing wrong with him right now, but he looks like something’s wrong. There are too many atbats where he takes mighty swings at the first pitches, gets right to that 0-2 count, and then he really starts to bat. Wright is a great, great two-strike pitcher, but it’s risky to battle the pitcher with two strikes. Any time his judgment doesn’t quite match the umpire, that’s strike three. As I see it, the problem is Wright trying, on those early pitches, to knock the fences down. Here’s how to make him calm down and bat from the first pitch:

Make David Wright bat leadoff for ten games. That’s right, leadoff. His power won’t be very useful there, but if his job is to get on base, he’ll do it. And he’ll fix his overswing at the same time. Then let him pound the ball.

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  1. I seem to recall a novel you once mentioned, where the manager has his clean-up hitter batting lead-off for one big game, only to have the opposing team's pitcher start by nailing him in the wrist...