And now, I have published Electronically:

I spent days editing the text of Raven’s gift to make it suitable for electronic text versions (for computer conversion to Kindle, iPhone, Palm, etc). I submitted my book to Smashwords, an eText publisher. Their website has an extensive manual about formatting a book for eText. (In essence, they tell you how to REMOVE almost all your formatting, to avoid the vagaries of eText readers, and to allow your text to flow down the tiny screens.) They accepted my formatting, and wow, people are downloading my book. Smashwords publishes in many formats: Epub (Nook, etc.) , Mobi (Kindle, etc.), PDF, RTF, FLR, Palm Doc, and plain text. I’m hoping to get my text accepted into the Apple world as well. There’s yet another approval process for that.

Each step I take just leads to more steps. I need to read up on how Smashwords distributes their books. And they have yet another marketing guide that will tell me more ways to publicize my novel. And of course, I must update my own Raven’s Gift website to point to the new electronic versions.

Here is Raven’s Gift at Smashwords.

And here is my Author Page at Smashwords.

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