Publicity for Raven’s Gift: I’m not jumping in big.

I’ve been discussing how to publicize my novel with friends – please add your suggestions to the comments here – and I’ve been getting a lot of ideas about how to expand in a fairly big way. I’m starting very small, emailing people that I know are interested, and posting a few notices about publication. I think I’m right not to jump on my friends’ larger ideas too fast. Here’s why:

First, I have no timetable. I’m not trying to catch a wave. My book isn’t about vampires, so it doesn’t have to get notice during the vampire book craze. And I’m not trying to support myself; I just want to reach readers.

Second, I have to understand what I’m doing. I will get experience from every effort to publicize my book, and as a result, I may be ready to do and say the right things when I’m reaching for a larger audience.

Small first steps, why not?

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