Not so good, those Mets:

My plan this season was to really concentrate, get into ML baseball, and root for those Mets even if they stunk. When they were 4 and 8, it looked like I was being put to just the test I intended. And then they had that home stand, 9 and 1. They vaulted into first place, and it looks like I’m rooting for a winner.

I know better.

The Mets have had great homestands before, when they weren’t very good. They’ve had great winning streaks in bad seasons. What made this streak so great was relief pitching that was impossibly good – it won’t keep up – and excellent starting pitching – it won’t keep up – and some stellar hitting – it won’t keep up.

The Mets have 2.5 starters, and to be a great team they need four or five. The real relief staff may be good; we’ll see, when they show up. The batting order is a collection of near-stars and journey men; not the batting order that terrifies good teams.

In order to be a fine team, the Mets have to win on the road. Before the current roadtrip started, I expected them to have a rocky time. They have split two with the Phillies. It’s going to be an interesting road trip. Let’s think about whether the Mets are any good, after they’ve played 48 games.

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