Mets: Fire the manager??

The Mets are playing like a team whose manager has to be fired. This may not be the manager’s fault. But it is so obviously the case, that I expect to see a new manager soon.

The Mets are not playing the way that – I’m sure – the manager wants them to. They are not battling hard all the time to make up for their weaknesses. Even if their many mental lapses come from trying too hard, those lapses suggest a lack of concentration. The manager does not want his batters to keep flying out on the first pitch of an at-bat. There must be a tremendous desire to buckle down, to play hard and win coming from the manager. But the Mets aren’t getting it.

This is all a shame, because the Met’s bedrock problem is the way the team was built before the season. If they had started the season as a very powerful team, then the failure of a few key players would have left them a still powerful team. Instead, they began the season as a team that would be impressive if everything fell into place. Everything hardly ever falls into place, and the Mets are rickety. Hard to watch, too.

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