The Mets: days of no Baseball...

They tell me it’s All-Star break in baseball. The season is about half over. If the Mets had started the season with their best starting pitchers and Ike Davis, they might be in first place right now. But the grim fact is that they just faced the first-place team they are chasing, Atlanta, at home. This was a great time to win all three games or at least two, to race for the pennant. But the Mets won only the last of the three games. Not a good sign.

July is a fun month in baseball, and this July is when the Mets are going to find out what Beltran’s return can do for them. He is joining them for a trip to the West Coast, the type of trip that breaks the hearts of all Mets fans. Then comes August, the month where teams that aren’t going anywhere sink, sink, and sink. The Mets have two weeks to get buoyant before August sneaks up on them. I’m worried.

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